Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Ashland Oregon

Air VentThe air ducts in your home work along with the other parts of your heating and cooling system to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year long. All of the air that enters the ducts comes with dirt, hair and other debris that was floating through the air and can easily cause clogs. Because the entire system works on forcing air into and out of the air ducts, having them clogged can create quite a problem. Having clogged air ducts means that your family is not breathing the cleanest air and that your heating and cooling system is not working as efficiently as it could be, which could be adding expenses on to your utility bills. If you have any concerns or questions about the air quality in your home or the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, call the experts at Rug Busters of Ashland today. Along with being experts at carpet cleaning, Rug Buster’s technicians are also the most knowledgeable air duct technicians in the area.

There is some debate among home owners as to whether or not having your air ducts cleaned is necessary or beneficial. One thing cannot be debated, your home is full of air that is unclean and that dirt and debris is sucked into your air ducts. Then, it is redistributed into the air with no place to go but back into the air ducts, unless you breathe it in. Multiple studies have shown that indoor air quality is far less clean than outdoor air quality and that is because there is far less circulation in the home. With less circulation, the air is bound to become stagnant and have a tougher time getting the dirt out of the living spaces. While breathing clean air is important for everyone, it is extremely more important if any members of your family suffer from asthma or allergies as their symptoms could be made far worse. Also, many allergy and asthma symptoms are nothing more than the presence of mold in the home, which is commonly found in air ducts that have not been cleaned in a long time. Because exposure to mold and mildew can create long term health problems, it is essential to make sure there is none present in your home. One simple way to avoid mold exposure is to have your air ducts cleaned by the experts at Rug Busters in Ashland.

There are many things to look for when deciding whether or not to have your air ducts professionally cleaned. You can take a flashlight and look into your air ducts. If you see any dirt or debris, that is a positive sign that there is even more dirt and debris located deeper within the air duct. You may also be able to see the presence of mold and mildew, which is an even more dangerous problem. Mice and other vermin often build their nests inside air ducts, so if you see the presence of anything that looks like a nest or vermin feces, you should most definitely have your air ducts professionally cleaned. Heating and cooling system failures are most often caused by dirty and clogged air ducts, which can be a very expensive home repair. All of these issues can be alleviated by having Rug Busters of Ashland professionally inspect and clean your air ducts.

When you need your air ducts cleaned in the Ashland area, Rug Busters has the most experienced of any technician in the area. That is simply because more families trust us and have used us for many of their home maintenance projects over the years. We think that keeping your air ducts clean is an important aspect for caring for your home, both to avoid damage to your home and illness to your family. We only use the best equipment available for all jobs we do, ensuring that we work efficiently and safely with all jobs. Our vacuums and other equipment are the most powered available and we will always open all ports to gain access to your entire system, since any areas left dirty will only lead to re-contamination of your home’s air. We will always care for your home while working, ensuring that your furniture and carpets will not be dirtied during the job. Before we consider it a job well done, we will do a full inspection of our work to make sure that everything is working properly and efficiently. When you need your air ducts cleaned in Ashland, you cannot do better than the friendly and knowledgeable team of Rug Busters.