Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in Grants Pass Oregon

Air Vent
Your home’s air ducts are part of the system that keeps your house cool and warm, along with your heating and air conditioner systems. Because the air ducts work along with the forced air systems in your home, they can easily become clogged and not work as efficiently as you need them to. Dirt, hair and other debris that floats through the air and get suctioned into the air ducts get negatively effect the air quality in your home as well as how well the entire system continues to work. If you suspect that your air ducts could be cleaner or you are concerned about the air quality in your home, call Rug Busters in Grants Pass today. Their experienced technicians can answer all your questions, provide a quote for the necessary work and make sure that your family is breathing clean air and your heating and cooling systems are working properly.

While some people do not believe that air ducts need to be cleaned in order to provide your family with the cleanest possible air to breathe, we heavily disagree. If you can visually see that your air ducts are dirty, it cannot be argued that they are not going to work as efficiently and that the debris on them is going to be recirculated into the home. Studies have found that indoor air quality is many times more polluted than outdoor air quality and that is simply because of the decrease in circulation indoors as opposed to outdoors. Air in the home is much more stagnant, and since it doesn’t get as much movement as outdoor air, the dirt and debris have a tendency to stick around. In addition to the decreased circulation, having dirty air ducts just compounds this problem. Having clean air in the home is important for everyone, but specifically important if you have any family members with asthma or allergy problems. Many times, mold and mildew is found in dirty air ducts and being exposed to mold and mildew can often appear as allergy and asthma symptoms but can be far more damaging to someone’s health. Many unexplained illnesses have been found to be nothing more than exposure to mold and mildew, however it is completely avoidable. Trusting in the experienced team at Rug Busters in Grants Pass is your best chance for making sure you don’t have a mold problem in the home.

The Rug Busters team in Grants Pass has been taking care of some of the most common home maintenance jobs for families for many years. Air duct cleaning is one of these important jobs that we believe is essential to maintaining good air quality for all the families in Grants Pass. Rug Busters has equipped themselves with powerful vacuums and the most highly powered machines that will adequately rid your air ducts of dirt and dust quickly. When we work, we make sure to do the job as completely as we can, opening all access ports to gain access to the entire system. Other technicians clean only the most easily accessible portions, but we know that leaving any parts unclean only means that there will be a recontamination of your air. We always take care to make sure your home is kept clean during this dirty job, covering furniture and floors so that your belongings are not harmed. We believe in always working safely, protecting your family and ourselves from injuries. Lastly, we will do a full inspection when our work is complete to make sure everything is to your satisfaction, clean and working properly. Rug Busters of Grants Pass only believes in a job well done with each and every job we do.