Area Rug & Oriental Rug Cleaning Ashland

Area Rug - Oriental RugArea rugs are in the home to add to the beauty and provide a floor covering over hard wood floors. Many area rugs are expensive and many more are antique pieces that you want to enjoy but you also want to care for them properly. Area rugs are often made from more delicate materials than regular carpet is, and therefore requires specific tools, products and the experience to clean them properly without damage their delicate fibers and fringe. Area rugs, similar to the rest of the carpet in your home, absorb all of the odors that enter your home. Odors from dirt, cooking, pets and children can all add a less than clean smell in your home. The dirt that gets wiped onto your area rugs from heavy foot traffic can also lead to the area rugs not looking as fresh and clean as when they were new. All of these reasons are motives to have your area rugs professionally cleaned by someone who knows exactly how it should be done without damaging them. At Rug Busters in Ashland, we have been correctly cleaning area rugs for many years and can care for all of yours, too.

If you choose to clean your area rugs by yourself using store bought cleaners and rented or purchased machines, you could end up damaging your beautiful rugs. The wrong kind or using too much of carpet cleaning chemicals can cause discoloration or bleaching to your area rugs. Scrubbing too hard or using carpet cleaning machines that are not a professional grade can lead to snags, rips and damage to the fringe that surrounds your rugs. We know that area rugs are not inexpensive and chances are that you paid a lot for yours and want to do everything possible to care for them. You probably even spent a fair amount of time searching for the perfect rug to complete your living room, entry way or bedroom. After all your hard work, you certainly don’t want to create damage to a rug that may be irreplaceable.

Cleaning area rugs is a delicate process and you want to make sure that who is doing the cleaning is experienced with all different types of area rugs as well as the delicate fibers and fringe that are included. Depending upon what and how many different types of fabric are included in your area rug will help us determine the right way to clean it and what combination of cleaning agents and what should be machine cleaned and what should be cleaned by hand. If your area rug needs any repairs of the rug itself or the fringe, we can also help you with that. In addition to regular cleaning and repair of your area rug, we can also do special treatments for fabric protection against stains and specific treatment for pet stains and odors. In Ashland, Rug Busters are who to call for all your area rug needs.

When you need a professional to properly clean your area rugs, call on Rug Busters of Ashland. We are who more residents in the area rely on for all their carpet cleaning needs because we have made it a point to be known as the best in the area. We have cleaned all different types of area rugs, from sturdy outside rugs on a balcony, to delicate and expensive heirlooms that need to be carefully cared for. When you need the best care for your area rugs, call the best. Rug Busters of Ashland.