Area Rug & Oriental Rug Cleaning Medford Oregon

Area Rug - Oriental RugThe area rugs in your home are all there for a reason, whether that be to provide warmth to the room, as a decoration piece to pull together the entire room’s décor or because the rug is a family heirloom that you enjoy looking at every day. Whatever the reason, it is made less enjoyable when the area rug is dingy, dirty or omitting odors into your home. Just like your carpets, area rugs get soiled and attract cooking, pet and dirt smells and it is important to have them cleaned routinely to make sure they are as lovely and fresh as when they were new. Area rugs tend to be more fragile than the rest of the carpet in your home and because of this, you want to be cautious of who is cleaning them. At Rug Busters in Medford, we have years of experience with all kinds of carpets including even the most delicate of area rugs. Area rugs require a gentler cleaning than your regular carpet due to the way they are made and the fabrics that make them and Rug Busters are the best cleaners for the job.

Cleaning your area rugs by yourself using store bought materials can lead to irreparable damage to your area rugs. You can easily injure your rugs by using the wrong kinds of chemicals, using too much of the right kind of chemicals or by scrubbing too hard. Even store bought or rented machines are too harsh for most area rugs and can lead to discoloration, snags, rips and damage to the rug or the fringe that is delicately surrounding the area rug. We understand that you paid a fair amount of money for your area rugs and probably spent many days trying to find just the right one that will make your home even more beautiful. After all that time and money, you don’t want to risk damage to the area rug by attempting to clean it yourself.

When we arrive, we will first do a complete examination of your area rugs. We will do an assessment of what fabrics are used to make up your area rug, as many of them have many different materials and threads sewn throughout them. Many of these materials need special attention paid to them and the correct cleaning agent used so that they are not damaged, faded or discolored. We will look at their condition, how heavily soiled they are from every day use and look for any stains. We will also inspect for any damaged areas that may need to be repaired prior to cleaning to avoid further damage. Finally, we will determine what combination of solutions and what techniques we will use to make sure your area rugs are left clean and renewed. Once we have fully examined your rugs, we will provide you a cost assessment prior to the beginning of the job so that you can make an educated decision. Before you know it, you will once again have beautiful area rugs free of damage, stains and odors.

When you need to have your area rugs serviced for repair or cleaning, you cannot do better than the team at Rug Busters in Medford. From expensive handmade area rugs to large ones that are simply covering your basement floor, we can clean them all! We have more experience with the delicate and fragile materials of area rugs than other carpet cleaners in the area and we are confident we can provide your area rugs with a level of service that will leave them clean and protected from further dirt and stains. Call Rug Busters today for a consultation on area rug cleaning and repair!