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clean carpet babyYour carpets are an important part of how your home looks, and maintaining that look is important to ensure your carpets stay beautiful, healthy and last a long time. With all the outdoor activities there are to do in the Ashland area, it is no surprise that a variety of unwanted debris gets tracked into our homes and onto our carpets each and every day. Dirt, dust mites, insects and pet waste are just a portion of what can get smashed into your carpet, all of which can cause illness and sickness, especially to those that suffer from allergies or asthma. Keeping your carpets clean might be even more important to you if you have small children that like to play on the floor. Along with all the allergens that are in your carpet, your daily activities create messes and stains as well. Even a spilled water glass can create quite the stain if it attracts enough dirt, which they have a tendency to do. Keeping your carpets clean and healthy is as important for their appearance as it is to their health factors to most home owners in Ashland. The only way to properly keep your carpets clean is to rely on routine professional carpet cleanings. In Ashland, the best carpet cleaners are the experienced professionals at Rug Busters. We have been cleaning carpets safely and effectively for many years in the Southern Oregon area and we are ready to help you with the job, too! Regularly cleaning your carpets is the best way to uphold your carpet’s beauty, make sure it is clean and healthy and to help it raise the value of your home. Cleaning your carpets professionally even helps your carpet last longer!

Having a good vacuum will help you remove some of the dirt and allergens from your carpet, but even frequent vacuuming will not get rid of everything. In fact, vacuums tend to remove only the surface debris, while most pet waste and allergens tend to settle deep into the carpet fibers. When we clean your carpets, what you will be left with is carpets that are free of all the bugs and dust, stains that have been removed and a floor that is fresh and clean and deodorized to help your whole home smell fresher. Whether you want your carpets cleaned to maintain their value, help them look and smell better, get rid of stains and dirt or because of health reasons, having your carpets professionally cleaned by Rug Busters in Ashland will get the job done!

When Rug Busters arrives for the job, we will first do an examination of your carpet in general and any stains that may be a concern for you. Once we determine what will be the best method for cleaning and deodorizing, we will explain the process and share our recommendations with you. We will answer any questions you may have and give you a cost breakdown so that you are aware of the fees involved with keeping your carpets healthy and beautiful. Once the job is completed, we will suggest future cleanings to you, depending upon how you use your carpet. For example, a large family with pets and kids will most likely need more frequent cleanings that a single person. Whether or not you wear your shoes in the house will also be a consideration, since your shoes are pretty much cleaned by your carpet each and every time you come in from outside. Some home owners in Ashland have their carpets cleaned at the same time each year, such as in the Spring or at the end of Summer, so we can discuss this as well. More home owners in Ashland rely on Rug Busters for their carpet cleaning needs than any other carpet cleaning company because we are reliable, honest, hard-working and always provide a fair price for our quality work.