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clean carpet babyHome owners in Grants Pass have their carpets cleaned for a variety of reasons. Professional carpet cleanings will improve the look, health benefits and longevity of your carpet, and no matter what your primary reason is, you will benefit from all of these. When you need your carpets cleaned, you can’t do better than the experts at Rug Busters in Grants Pass. We focus on quality work, using the best equipment and always with a passion to providing excellent customer service and a fair price for all of our work.

Your carpet is a significant part of your home’s décor and when it is dirty or stained, it can easily take away from the beauty that you work so hard to enjoy every time you sit on your couch with your family and friends. Your carpet can increase the value of your home and be a great asset when it is properly taken care of and has an aesthetic appeal, but when it is dirty and stained, it can really become a blemish on the beauty of your living room. In addition to not being pleasant to look at, your carpet can also emit a variety of odors from all the debris, dirt and pet waste that can be tracked onto it. As if not being pretty and potentially being odorous, not having your carpets professionally cleaned frequently can also lead to an immense buildup of dust mites, dirt and other allergens that can really become a danger to your family, particularly if anyone suffers from allergies and asthma. It is impossible to keep these allergens and waste off of your carpet, since anything you bring in on your shoes gets wiped onto the carpet and anything that is in the air settles there.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned by someone who is experienced and has the best equipment is the only way to make sure your carpets are fresh, clean and healthy. While frequent vacuuming can help remove some of the surface dirt, it is not enough to maintain your carpets over time. Allergens, pet waste and a majority of the dirt tend to settle deep within the fibers and can only be removed with professional grade products and equipment. In fact, we have seen far too often how cleaning machines that are available for rent or purchase by home owners have created more damage than they are worth. This is why we recommend always relying on the professionals for your cleaning needs. When you call us, you can be sure we are only using the best in equipment and products to provide you with a safe and quality carpet cleaning each and every time. Our equipment is state of the art and the chemicals we use are all safe, biodegradable and nontoxic so you know we are taking care of the environment and our customers. No matter what materials and equipment we use for your home or business, you can rest knowing we are highly trained on the appropriate and safe use of everything our technicians use. When your job is completed, all you will be left with is clean and renewed carpet that is deodorized and free of allergens, stains and odors.

After we are through with the job and you are satisfied with the results, we will recommend how often you should have your carpets cleaned on an ongoing basis and when would be the best times of the year for you.  The friendly professionals at Rug Busters will answer all your questions and help you develop a plan before we leave you to enjoy your newly cleaned floors. When you need clean flooring in Grants Pass, call Rug Busters every time!