Rugbusters Carpet Repair Service in Ashland

Carpet Reapir ServicesYour carpets go through a lot, each and every day. From just usual foot traffic to kids and pets running in and out and playing with toys, it’s probably surprising your carpet doesn’t look more damaged! When your carpet does have some damage that needs repaired, the experienced carpet cleaning and repair specialists at Rug Busters are who to call. We have experience with all different types of carpet and all the different ways it can become damaged. We can repair your carpet by removing stains just as well as we can remove torn sections, unraveling pieces or even where it has come apart from the wall. In the past, severe carpet damage left you with no choice other than to replace the whole carpet or put an area rug over damaged parts.

If your carpets have wrinkles or bulges, or there are areas that are just not tight enough, carpet stretching is the best technique for the job. Carpets that aren’t tight enough to not just leave an imperfect area on the floor, they can also cause someone to trip and fall so they are a serious safety hazard. We have experience with carpet stretching that will not add damage to the stretched areas.

If your carpets have a stain or a hole that needs repaired, carpet patching is the best way to take care of it. We remove the damaged section of carpet, and then replace it with an extra piece of carpet, using our specialized tools to install the new piece so that you cannot notice the difference. If you don’t have an extra piece of carpet, we can use a section from the back of a closet that you will never notice is missing.

Having new tile, linoleum or wood floors installed can increase the beauty of your home drastically. When they are installed, it is necessary to match them up with your carpet in a way that makes a seamless transition. Many wood and tile floor installers do not use the right tools to do this correctly. If you need this done, we have the right tools for the job.

Carpets that have a high pile can easily get snags or runs in them. When a small section carpet fiber is snagged, every time you vacuum or walk on the area, it can get worse if not repaired quickly. This is a common problem with Berber carpets and we have the experience necessary to repair your high piled carpets before the problem becomes severe.

Carpets on the stairs pose many difficult problems, for the installation, cleaning and repair of them. Unfortunately, stairs are also a heavy traffic area and prone to damage. When the carpet on your stairs is worn or stained and in need of professional repair, we can replace it with ease.

At Rug Busters in Ashland, we don’t stop at the repair of your home’s carpet; we can repair the carpet in your office, too! Commercial grade carpet is often different than the carpet installed in homes and that is usually because it has a low nap or pile. Because of this, you tend to notice damaged areas sooner because they are far more prominent. Often we help business owners who are remodeling a new office space to repair carpet without having to replace sections that may have been under partitions or temporary cubicles. Saving businesses money in Ashland is important to us, and we can help you here.

We know that the carpet in your home or office is important to the whole look you have worked so hard to achieve and stains or damage are just not welcome. When your carpet needs repaired, call Rug Busters in Ashland for every carpet repair job!