Rugbusters Carpet Repair Service in Grants Pass

Carpet Reapir ServicesWith just normal usage, your carpet has to put up with a lot of abuse, so it is no surprise that occasionally it needs a repair of some type. When you need any type of carpet service, from cleaning to repairs, call the team at Rug Busters in Grants Pass. We have been repairing all different types of carpet for many years and we have the experience necessary to repair whatever carpet damage you may have. We have worked with all different carpet fabrics and have successfully repaired all carpet damages that occur from water damage, snags and runs, extensive stains, and repairing where the carpet meets the wall, linoleum or wood floors. We know all the latest techniques and have the proper tools to do carpet stretching, carpet patching and anything else you may need us for. When you need carpet repair done in Grants Pass, rely on the team with the most experience and best tools for the job. Rug Busters.

When your carpets aren’t pulled tight enough or have wrinkles and bulges, the right technique for the job is carpet stretching. Leaving wrinkles in your carpets can cause anyone walking on them to fall, which is a safety problem for everyone you invite into your home. If not done correctly, carpet stretching can lead to further damage to your carpet where it was stretched, but we have the tools needed to do the job safely.

Berber carpets, or others with a high pile can become snagged and run easier than carpets with a lower pile. Once this begins to happen, it will continue to get worse and worse with every time you walk or vacuum on the area. We have the tools and training necessary to fix these snags before they become much worse.

The carpet on your stairs was just as difficult to install and repair as it is to keep clean by vacuuming. Even though it is a more difficult area to work on, stains and damage still occur here frequently. We have done all different kinds of carpet repair on stairs, and we are ready to repair yours as well.

When your carpet becomes water damaged in any way, you may worry that you will have to replace it, which can be quite costly. Carpets quickly become water damaged when water enters the home because the water easily soaks into not only the carpet, but the padding and subfloor beneath. This can leave behind odors and even mildew if not taken care of properly. We are certified in water damage restoration for all different carpet types, so we can easily take care of the mess for you.

Rug Busters of Grants Pass is also the right team to call when you need carpet repair in your office. Commercial carpet is much different than residential carpet because of its low pile or nap and therefore requires a different set of tools and skills. Commercial carpet easily becomes snagged and the snags are very noticeable because of the low pile. We often assist business owners with repair of areas where a partition or cubicle has previously been and left behind carpet damage. As a business in the Grants Pass area, we know how you like to keep costs to a minimum and we will help you avoid costly carpet replacement.

The carpet in your office or home is important to the beauty of the space and you need someone to rely on that can safely and effectively clean and repair the carpets. Rug Busters in Grants Pass is who most home and business owners call because we have the most experience cleaning all different types of carpets.