Rug Busters understands the joy your family pets bring and we just want to make this time a little easier on you. Pet training is a process that can take a while and the beauty and freshness of your home shouldn’t have to suffer because you added a four legged friend to the family. We have the latest techniques and materials to make sure your carpets, rugs and furniture can all be just as clean as before the housebreaking ordeal began and we are ready to help you make this a thing of the past. Since we are there taking care of your pet odor, maybe this is a good time to get your whole carpets cleaned, too! Let us know and we will be sure to set aside plenty of time to get the job done. At Rug Busters in Medford, we can get the pet odors out of your carpet in the time it takes you to walk the dog!

There are many different steps that Rug Busters uses to properly clean your carpets of pet odors and stains. The first step is to rinse the carpet with a very hot water to remove the majority of the urine crystals. If the carpet is severely damaged, we will pull up the carpet in the most odorous areas so that we can see exactly where the most damage is. Sometimes, we will remove and replace the padding if it is difficult or impossible to clean. When the padding is heavily damaged, the odors will continue to emit if they are not replaced. Sometimes it is necessary to place an odor blocking material under the padding to keep the odors from releasing from the subfloor. Lastly, we will use our carpet cleaning machines that are specially designed for difficult odors and our commercial grade carpet cleaning agents to thoroughly clean your carpets. If the odors or stains are bad enough, the entire process may be repeated until the carpet is free of stains and odors. No matter how long it takes, Rug Busters of Grants Pass will not stop until the job is done to your and our satisfaction.

Attempting to clean your carpets of pet odors using home remedies or store bought equipment will often just make the odors worse and usually not adequately clean the stains. This is because cleaning the areas with non-professional grade materials and equipment are not as efficient at cleaning as compared to the commercial grade products and equipment used by Rug Busters of Ashland. Many times, attempting to clean your carpets yourself will only reactivate the odors by getting them wet and will often just cover them up with a flowery or perfume smell. This leaves behind two different odors which are usually much worse than just the urine smell.