Rug Busters Ashland Pet Odor & Stain Removal

Moving PetHaving pets brings lots of joy to your entire family and can teach your children the art of responsibility. With the joy your pets bring, they can also bring about stains and odors throughout your home from those first few months of housebreaking them. Even older animals can have the occasional accident if left in the house for too long, or if not feeling well.

Pets can leave serious stains and odors all over your home, on your carpets and rugs and sometimes your furniture. To have these stains and odors properly cleaned, you need to find a carpet cleaning company that knows how to properly clean up stains from pet. In Ashland, the right carpet cleaning company is Rug Busters. Rug Busters has the best products, tools and the most experience to get your carpets cleaned well from all your pets have left behind.

When your pets urinate on your carpet and rugs, it is helpful to understand what happens to fully understand why it is so important to adequately clean the carpets. When a pet urinates on your carpet, it doesn’t stay on the top of the carpet fibers making it easy to clean. It soaks deep down in the carpet, saturating into the carpet backing, padding and even into the flooring underneath. Since pets prefer to use the same place over and over again, this spot can become quite saturated with urine and create a very displeasing odor in a relatively short amount of time. When you celebrate your pet being housebroken, it is still just as necessary to have the areas professionally cleaned because the urine crystals are left behind and these are usually a far more pungent urine odor.

When Rug Busters is on the job to rid your carpets of pet odors and stains, you can be confident that the job will be done thoroughly and safely, since we only believe a job is done when it is done to our customer’s satisfaction. We use several different steps when dealing with pet stains and odors and all of them must be done well if they are going to be as effective as you want. First of all, we will do a heavy duty rinse of your carpet using extremely hot water, which will do well to remove some of the urine crystals that have been embedding deep within the carpet. If your carpet is heavily damaged, we will pull it up in the most damaged of areas in an effort to determine where the majority of the damage is located. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove and then replace the padding under the carpet where the most damaged areas are. If the sub-floor underneath the carpet and padding is severely damaged, we will sometimes place an odor blocking material to keep odors from continuing to release into your home. Finally, we will use our heavy duty carpet cleaning machines to completely clean all areas of your carpet, focusing on any areas that have been heavily soiled by your pets. With carpets that are severely damaged from pets, we may repeat the process a second time just to ensure every inch of your carpet is as clean as we can make it.

At Rug Busters in Ashland, we know that your pets are an important part of the family and you don’t want a constant reminder of how difficult the housebreaking time was! We only use the best available products, chemicals and equipment to ensure that your carpets are being cleaned completely and also safely for your pets and family. Depending upon your pets and what they bring onto the carpet from outside, we may advise you on stain repelling products we can place on your carpets to repel future stains and odors. When you have pets but don’t want your carpets to show it, call Rug Busters in Ashland to get your carpets as fresh and clean as when they were new!