Rug Busters Grants Pass Pet Odor & Stain Removal

Moving PetYour pets bring happiness to your entire family and for many it is hard to imagine life without them. With the happiness that pets can bring, they also bring plenty of messes, particularly to your carpets. This is made even worse if you have a puppy in the family that needs housebroken. Puppies require a significant time commitment to train in order for them to observe rules and be housebroken. Before they are completely trained, they can leave behind many accidents on your carpet, rugs and even your furniture. To thoroughly clean these stains instead of just covering them up, you need to rely on someone who is experienced in carpet cleaning and specifically cleaning up pet odors and stains. Rug Busters in Grants Pass has the right training, tools and products to safely and effectively clean any amount of pet stains and odors that your carpets may have endured.

To better understand how important it is to clean your carpets properly after a pet accident on your carpet, it is important to understand what happens underneath where you can see. The urine or watery feces from your pet does not stay on top of the carpet where it might be easier to clean up. It infiltrates deep into the carpet almost instantly, soaking into the carpet fibers, the backing of the carpet and down into the padding and flooring material underneath. Pets prefer to urinate in the same place continually, so this specific area can become quite odorous over a short amount of time. When your pet is completely housebroken and not urinating in the house any longer, there can still be odors emitting from the spot. The urine in the areas your pet chose to relieve himself on has now sufficiently evaporated, but the urine crystals remain behind and theses can become even more pungent and concentrated in odor.

Simply cleaning with store bought cleaners and machines are usually not adequate for pet stains and odors because they do not get deep within the carpet and remove the urine crystals. Many times, store bought carpet cleaning techniques make the odors worse because they seem to only mix with the urine smells instead of removing them. If you do not adequately remove the odors, making them moist will only reactivate the urine crystals and the smells. The more time that passes before you have the carpets cleaned professionally will make the odors and stains worse and can also make them more difficult to clean. Calling Rug Busters of Grants Pass right away is the best possible way to alleviate the odors completely.

At Rug Busters, we understand that your pets are an important part of the family and we will help to make sure the housebreaking time period is not leaving behind stains and odors that remind you of how difficult the housebreaking time was! We only use the best products and equipment that help us to ensure your carpets will be cleaned thoroughly and safely, only leaving behind the cleanest and freshest smelling carpets possible. We can advise you on different stain repelling agents we can place on your carpet to help block any future accidents your pet may have and we will explain to you how often your carpets should be cleaned based on how many pets you have and how much of outside they bring to the inside. Call Rug Busters of Grants Pass today!