Rug Busters Medford Pet Odor & Stain Removal

Moving PetHaving pets in the family is a happiness everyone should get to experience and it is hard to imagine your life without your dogs or cats. With as much joy as pets can bring, when you start your family zoo with a puppy, there can be many times you wonder if you made the right decision! Puppies require a lot of work to train and in the meantime, that could mean many accidents on your rugs, carpets and furniture. To adequately clean up pet waste odors and stains, you need someone who understands how to clean your carpets thoroughly and safely for your family, carpets and of course, your pets. Rug Busters in Medford are the specialists of the area when it comes to pet odor control because we have years of experience cleaning up after many Spots and Fidos!

First of all, it is important to understand what happens when your pet has an accident, or multiple accidents, on your carpets, rugs and furniture. Unfortunately, the urine doesn’t stay right on top of the fabric where it would be easy to clean up. In fact, it penetrates deep into the fibers almost instantly. While it is sinking down into your carpet, it is soaking through the carpet fibers, the backing of the carpet, the padding and even the flooring material underneath. Since pets tend to urinate continually in the same location, this area can become quite damaging and odorous. After your pet is sufficiently housebroken, there are still further problems. Now the urine in all the areas your pet chose has now dried or evaporated but the urine crystals remain behind and become even more concentrated and pungent.

Simple cleaning with home remedies or store rented machines will not get down deep enough to properly clean the areas that Spot chose to use as his personal bathroom. In fact, many times store bought cleaners and so-called disinfectants just make the odors worse because they make them moist which can reactivate the smells. Many cleaning agents simply cover up the smell with a different smell, which often can make the two smells mix into a far worse smell. The longer you wait to have the odorous areas professionally cleaned, the worse the smells will get and the more difficult the odors can be to remove, so it is best to call Rug Busters in Medford right away so we can get started on the job!

There are several steps Rug Busters will take to make sure you carpets are cleaned properly to get rid of stains and odors. First, the carpet will be rinsed with a very hot water rinse to remove the majority of the urine crystals. If the damage is severe enough, we will pull back the carpet in the worst areas so that we can visualize and better get to the damaged spots. Again if the damage is bad enough, we sometimes need to remove and replace the pad underneath the carpet as this material is more difficult to clean and easier to replace then carpet. If the sub floor underneath your carpet and padding is heavily damaged, an odor blocking material may be applied here to resist odors from seeping through once the carpet is cleaned. Finally, we use our heavy duty carpet cleaning machines and specially designed carpet cleaning agents to clean all remnants of the odor from your carpet itself. For extensive odors and damage, this process may need to be repeated again but you can rest assured that Rug Busters will not quit until the job is done to your satisfaction.