Tile & Grout Cleaning Services Ashland Oregon

Tile & Grout CleaningIf you built your home from new, choosing the tile was most likely a difficult task because it says so much about the finished product of your beautiful home. If you bought your home already built, perhaps one of the reasons was the beautiful tile in the kitchen or bathroom. Or perhaps you did a remodel of your kitchen many years ago and now the tile isn’t looking as beautiful as when it was newly installed. Regardless of the situation, tile and the grout between the tiles can begin to look dull and dirty and completely take away from the beauty of the entire room. No matter how many times you clean it with regular kitchen or bathroom cleaner will not get the grout cleaned properly because of the type of material it is made from. Grout and tile need to be cleaned professionally on a routine basis so that it can remain as beautiful as when it was brand new. It may surprise you to hear, but Rug Busters in Ashland is who most home owners call when they need their tile and grout cleaned. We do so much more than just carpet cleaning and we have become extremely skilled with cleaning all types of tile until it looks new again. We have cleaned granite, marble, slate, travertine, porcelain and Saltillo tile.

The part of your tile that begins to look the dirtiest is the grout between each tile. If your tile is on the floor, every day foot traffic and spills get soaked up into the porous material and begin to look dirty. Even water can make your grout look as though it has never been cleaned. If your tile is on the counter, all the cooking you do and every time you spill something can lead to dirty looking grout. The tiled surfaces in your bathrooms develop a layer of dirt, soap and shampoo that end up looking unclean. Even if you clean your tiled areas every day, improper methods and products will only make your grout build up more grime. Water, food, dirt and soap all get trapped inside the porous materials of the grout, making your tile look dirtier than before you cleaned it! Dirt and other contaminates eventually build up and will make even the most expensive tiles look old and dirty. If your tile and grout go too long without being professional cleaned, bacteria can also get trapped in the grout and could cause sickness.

Rug Busters of Ashland has everything that we would possibly need to adequately and properly clean your grout and tile, leaving behind beautiful tile that has been safely cleaned without any added risks of damage. When we come to your home, we will begin by doing a thorough examination of your entire home’s tile and what the conditions are of each surface. Once we know exactly the extent of what needs done, what products will be used and how long the job will take, we will provide you with a cost so that you can make an educated decision. Once you are satisfied with the proposal, we will begin to make your tile and grout beautiful again! At Rug Busters, we only use the best products and materials so you can be confident that your tiles are safe in our hands. We use a truck mounted cleaning system that has been certified to be safe to use on all surfaces including floors, countertops and bathrooms. We first apply a cleaning agent that is strong but not damaging to the grout, which will immediately being to emulsify the dirt and grime that is deep within the grout. Our state of the art cleaning machine will then use a blend of heat, cleaning solution, scrubbing power, vapor steaming and vacuums, all working together to rid your grout and tile from months or years of dirt that has accrued within the areas. When the grout and tile are sufficiently cleaned, we will then use a high pressure rinse to cleanse the area of any cleaning products that were left behind, since this is one of the problems when you clean your tiles and grout yourself. Before we are done, we apply a special sealant which will help protect your grout and tiles from future staining and dirt buildup.