Tile & Grout Cleaning Services Grants Pass Oregon

Tile & Grout CleaningInstalling tile in your home can enhance the look of any room and make it look classier and more original than before. Whether you bought your home with the tile or carefully chose just the perfect tile to complete a room, it is probably one of the first things people notice. When your tiles have not been professionally cleaned, the first thing other people will notice is the dirt and dinginess that has become of your once beautifully tiled kitchen, bathroom or floors. Even if you attempt to meticulously clean your tile and grout with home remedies or store bought cleaners, they still won’t appear as clean as you want them to. This is because the grout that is in between your tiles is a porous material that soaks up everything you spill onto them. If you want your tile and grout to stay as beautiful as the day they were installed, they need to be professionally cleaned routinely using the correct products and equipment.

You may not have realized this, but Rug Busters of Grants Pass does far more than just clean and repair your carpets. We also specialize in the cleaning and maintenance of all your tile and grout. We have become the area leader in tile and grout cleaning and have the experience to get the job done quickly, thoroughly and safely. While we can clean any type of tile, we have experience with granite, slate, porcelain, travertine, marble and Saltillo tile.

While your tile can develop a buildup of soap and grime, it is mostly the grout in between your tile that looks the dirtiest. When your tile is on the floor, any amount of foot traffic quickly stains the grout if not treated correctly and no matter where your tile is, anything and everything you spill on it can easily stain the grout. In your bathroom, soap and dirt get clogged in the grout making it appear soiled. Improper cleaning techniques will just add to the soiled look of your tile and grout. Even when you clean these areas every day, it does not clean them properly and can even make them look dirtier than before you cleaned. All the cleaning products and water get trapped in the grout and then cause discoloration. When your tile and grout go without proper professional cleaning, bacteria can also grow in the grout, which can cause illness.

Rug Busters in Grants Pass only uses the best products and equipment available so you can trust in us for a job well done, each and every time. We have a truck mounted cleaning system that is safe to use on all different types of tile surfaces such as floors, countertops, bathrooms and backsplashes. We will first apply a strong cleaning agent that works to emulsify the dirt and grime that is deep inside all the grout. Our machine then uses a combination of heat, cleaning solution, scrubbing power, vapor steaming and vacuum power. All of these things work together to sufficiently clean all of the dirt from the surface and deep within your grout. When everything is satisfactorily cleaned, we will use a high pressure rinse to remove all cleaning agents that were used. This is extremely important because left over cleaning products can lead to a discoloration of your grout in the future, similar to what happens when you clean it all yourself. Lastly, we will apply a special sealant to help protect your tile and grout from dirt, bacteria and staining in the future.

When your tile and grout needs to be professionally cleaned in Grants Pass, look no further than the company you already trust to clean your carpets and furniture. Rug Busters in Grants Pass is the best tile and grout cleaning specialists in the area. Call us today and have your tile looking beautiful tomorrow!