Upholstery Cleaning Services in Ashland Oregon

Upholstery Cat & DogEvery item in your home makes up the d├ęcor that you spent so much careful time putting together. When one or more pieces are dirty, dingy or have a stain, it can take away from the beauty that you enjoy looking at each and every day. When friends and family come to visit, you want them to notice what a beautiful home you have put together, not the stains from your pets or kids. Dirt lands on your fabric furniture just as much as your floors and tables, so they should be cleaned often. How your furniture looks can tell a lot about the upkeep of your home and you want everyone to know you keep a clean home, with pride for all your belongings. Keeping dirty furniture in a room can really bring down the entire look of the room and having your furniture clean and fresh can really lighten up the whole room. In addition to dirt and odors that are commonly trapped in your upholstery, allergens can also be caught in the fabric fibers, causing allergy symptoms. Many home owners already rely on Rug Busters of Ashland to keep their carpets clean, you can do the same with your upholstery as well.

When not cleaned on a regular basis, the fabric on your furniture can begin to look dirty and old. Even if your furniture is of a dark color, it is still dirty and has odors coming from in that occur due to everyday use. Dirt and stains on furniture pieces are certainly expected, especially if you have children or pets but they do not have to remain there! We have the most experience than anyone in the area and have the right tools and products to adequately clean your upholstery without damaging it, since many fabrics are delicate and sensitive to cleaning chemicals. Helping your furniture look clean is of course, our main goal. Odors need to be removed from your upholstery as well. Odors are just as common as stains, since cooking, pet and dirt odors become trapped in the fabric. During the cleaning process, any of the odors that are trapped in your upholstery will also be removed, leaving your home to smell cleaner in every way.

When you come to your house for our scheduled appointment, we will first perform a thorough examination of your upholstery for any stains, damages and overall dirt. We will make note of all different types of fabrics that are used in your different pieces of furniture and then come up with a plan for all pieces to be safely and adequately cleaned. Once we have a plan of action for all different pieces and stains, Rug Busters of Ashland will provide to you a cost estimate of the work that needs to be done. When you decide that Rug Busters is the right team for the job, we will get started on the work and not leave until you are satisfied with the cleanliness and freshness of all your upholstery. We will take special care to make sure everything is as clean as possible before we complete the job, leaving you pleased with the work we have done. When you need your upholstery cleaned in Ashland, call Rug Busters every time!