Rugbusters Upholstery Cleaning Services in Grants Pass Oregon

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All of the furniture in your home work together to create a beautiful living space that you love to be in and show off to your friends and family. However, when any one piece is dingy or has a stain, it can certainly take away from the joy that you feel when you look at it every day. If you have pets or small children, you may have multiple stains across multiple pieces of furniture that need a thorough cleaning. Dust and dirt end up on your fabric covered furniture just like your floors and tables. While you vacuum and dust these items, your furniture doesn’t get cleaned nearly as often. The condition of your furniture can tell a lot about how you feel about your home and create an open space for your entire family to spend time together and you want them to be as fresh and clean as the day you purchased them. Dingy looking furniture can change the look of the entire room, while clean furniture get brighten the whole room up! Just like dirt and stains can be on and in your furniture, so can allergens. Allergens are some microscopic insects and pollen that can create allergy symptoms for your family, making people feel unnecessarily ill. You already call Rug Busters for your carpet cleaning needs; now call Rug Busters in Grants Pass for all your upholstery cleaning needs!

When your furniture is not cleaned on a routine basis, it can begin to look old and used far before its time. These pieces can also begin to smell from the odors that are absorbed into them each and every time you cook or your pet jumps on the couch. While we understand that dirt and stains are going to happen, there’s no reason why you have to live with them. Rug Busters in Grants Pass has the most experience in the area for all your fabric furniture cleaning needs and we do so with safety in mind, to not damage your upholstery, even if it is of a delicate fabric. While cleaning your upholstery is our number one focus, when they are cleaned professionally you can also expect them to be free of odors and allergens as well. During the cleaning process, odors and allergens are removed along with the dirt and stains, and what is left behind is fresh and clean furniture that looks new!

When we arrive for our scheduled appointment to assess your upholstery, we will examine everything thoroughly, from types of fabric to stains and odors and general dirtiness from every day use. We will examine every piece for any damages such as rips or tears which need to be repaired first or simply avoided or handled carefully to avoid further damage. We will determine which of our products and machines will be used to complete the job to everybody’s satisfaction and develop a plan that will get the job done. After you accept our proposal, we will get started making your home’s upholstered furniture fresh and clean again. If you wish, and we certainly recommend this for homes that have pets and children, we can place a stain repellent on your upholstery to avoid any further stains and make cleaning in between professional cleanings easier on you.

When your upholstery is look old and worn, smells of all the delicious dinners you prepare for your family or has multiple stains that need removed, Rug Busters of Grants Pass is the best cleaning company for the job!