Water Damage Restoration Services Ashland, Oregon

Water Daamage ServicesExtensive water damage can happen in the home because of many reasons. And when it does, many Ashland home owners worry that their furniture will need replaced and their carpets and walls may be permanently damaged. Floods, fires and broken pipes can happen to anyone and when they do, there is usually a widespread amount of damage left behind. When you call Rug Busters in Ashland to remedy the problem, you will be happily surprised with the amount of restoration they can do for your entire home!

At Rug Busters, we understand that the most important thing we can do is respond quickly, because immediate action is needed for the greatest degree of restoration of your furniture, carpets and walls. Rug Busters provides more than just a removal of water. Our certified technicians will perform a full investigation, rid your home of water and moisture, do a deep cleaning on your furniture and carpet, make sure everything is dry and even help you with any insurance claims that you might need done. You may think it’s just water and what harm can it possibly do? Along with the visible damage that water can do, when water seeps deep into your floors, furniture and walls and isn’t cleaned appropriately, it can leave behind dangerous mold. Mold has been known to cause dangerous illness to many people, especially those with asthma or those more sensitive to mold such as young children and the elderly. When you trust in Rug Busters of Ashland, we will make sure your home is safe and ready to live in again before you know it.

At Rug Busters, we only use the best of equipment available on the market for water removal and water damage restoration. When water is allowed where it shouldn’t be and remains there long enough to soak into porous materials, it can cause great damage. Rug Busters of Ashland will use specialized equipment to first remove any standing water that is in the home. Next, we will use a high powered vacuum to pull out any remaining water that is remaining in your carpets and furniture. Finally, we will use a specialized injector system to send circulating air into your walls to dry out any moisture that has seeped into the drywall and beyond. This is usually the place where mold likes to grow, since it is dark and now moist so it is an important part of the process of creating a safe home environment after water damage. Finally, we will make sure to keep enough circulating air and fans going throughout the area to make sure all water and moisture is dry before we consider the job to be done. All of this is extremely important for health and safety reasons and is why it is so important to rely on the professionals at a time like this instead of letting it try on its own.

There are many carpet cleaners in the Ashland area that claim to be experts in water damage restoration. At Rug Busters, we know that we are the best because we have made sure our technicians are educated, experienced and certified with all the important knowledge involved with water damage restoration. All the technicians at Rug Busters in Ashland are trained and have received the IICRC, Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This is the Gold Standard in the carpet cleaning industry for education. What this means to you is that our technicians are the best at recovering your damaged items and making sure they are safe to have in the home and that your home is safe to remain in as well. To earn this standard, a technician is well trained in water removal, cleaning damaged parts of the home, removing moisture particles from the air, saving your home from the possible dangers of mold growth and knowing what to look for to determine if future procedures need to be done.