Water Damage Restoration & Repair Services Grants Pass

Water Daamage Services
Severe water damage can happen from a variety of experiences and all of them can leave devastation to your home, belongings and even your emotions. Some of the most common water damage in a home comes from things such as a busted plumbing pipe, water after a fire or a flood from an overflowing nearby river or heavy rain. How do you know who to call in the middle of such a disaster? When any of these emergencies happen to you in Grants Pass, calling Rug Busters is the best decision you can make at such a difficult time.

The fast acting team at Rug Busters will make sure that your home is back to being a safe place to live before you know it. When water enters your home, it is imperative to clean it up as soon as possible to avoid irreparable damage to your belongings and home as well as to save your home from damaging mold and mildew. This needs to be done quickly and correctly and that is why it is vital to rely on a crew that is experienced with water damage and has the right equipment for the job. At Rug Busters in Grants Pass, we believe in immediate action for this reason.

Our certified technicians will perform a thorough inspection of the problem at hand before determining the best method to take and a complete inspection when the job is through to make sure nothing was missed. All of this is to make sure your home is adequately dry, clean and safe for your family. Rug Busters in Grants Pass is committed to helping you every step of the way with your water damage restoration. Because this is what we do for a living, we can even help you with your insurance claims if needed!

When you trust in Rug Busters, you are trusting the highest trained and certified technicians in the field of water damage restoration. In fact, all of our technicians are educated and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This is the highest standard of certification in the industry of water damage restoration and we are proud to have their seal of approval. What this means to our customers is that we have gone above and beyond to gain the knowledge and skills to do all we can to ensure your home is clear of water damage and mold infestation by the time the job is completed. We will clean and dry everything that was dampened by the water and even clean the moisture particles in the air and any water that seeped into the walls. Before the job is complete, we will examine everything and explain any follow up work that may need to be done. We assure you that you will be satisfied with our work and surprised at our ability to return things to the state they were in before the water damage happened and we do all of this with a combination of our education, skills and high tech equipment.

Even with the most skilled technicians and best equipment on the market, we don’t feel like that is enough to make us the best. That is why we have a dedication to the best customer service in the industry, so you can know and feel you are working with a team of professionals that deserve your business. Rug Busters of Grants Pass is the best blend of knowledge, technology and customer service in the field. We understand that you want and need all of that during such a difficult and stressful time. When you need water damage restoration in Grants Pass, call Rug Busters every time!