Rug Busters Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning

Our Cleaning Method:

Each rug or carpet requires a specific way of cleaning. Our experts pay close attention to the type of rug or carpet and prescribe the best cleaning for you. Before we even begin the cleaning process all rugs are examined for pre-exising conditions and color fastness. We at Rug Busters also offer a thorough pet odor out process for all of your area and oriental rug needs.


At Rug Busters of Medford, we are very experienced in all types of fabric that make up area rugs. We appreciate that all rugs are unique and require a specific type of cleaning need. We have cleaned all area rugs including the most delicate of Oriental area rugs, which sometimes require even more time and attention to detail because of the fringe that surrounds them. In addition to cleaning your rugs, we can help you with fringe restoration and replacement, provide you with under pads for your rugs, binding and surging repair of your area rugs, fabric protection against stains, moth proofing and treating pet waste stains and odors. Just like with carpets,

When you trust in Rug Busters of Grants Pass to clean your area rugs, we will first do a complete examination of your rugs.We will determine which fabrics and threads that are used in the rug and also what stains we need to focus on to adequately remove them without damage to the rug. We will also look for any damaged areas that may need repaired prior to cleaning so as to not add further damage during the cleaning process. Lastly, we will determine what the cleaning process will be to best clean all the areas of your area rugs. After we have done a full inspection, we will give you a cost estimation of what the job will cost, so that you can make an educated decision. After you have decided that Rug Busters is the right decision for your area rug cleaning, then we will get started on the job and leave behind area rugs that are fresh and clean, and ready for you to enjoy.

Finding a carpet cleaning professional that you can trust with your important area rugs in the Ashland area is a difficult task. We recognized that not very many carpet cleaning companies in the area understood exactly how much care you need to take when cleaning area rugs, which is why we made sure to acquire the education and equipment necessary for any kind of area rugs. When you call Rug Busters, we will first do a thorough examination of your area rug to determine what materials were used in the making of it. Sometimes area rugs have many different types of fabrics and threads woven throughout and many of them require different cleaning techniques. We will determine if there are any stains or heavily soiled areas that need to be cleaned differently than the rest of the rug. Lastly, we will examine the rug for any repairs that need to be done before it can be cleaned so that the area rug is not further damaged in the process. Once we have fully inspected the rugs, you will be given a cost that will leave behind fresh and clean rugs to be enjoyed by your family once again.