At Rug Busters of Medford, we not only can repair the carpet in your home, but also the carpet in your office building, too! Commercial carpet is usually quite different than carpet you have in your home and that is mostly because it has a low nap and because of this, the seams tend to stand out. Many of the commercial carpet repair jobs we do are when a business has taken over an existing office space and needs to make some renovations. This sometimes leaves gaps in the carpet when walls or cubicles are moved. We can seamlessly make these repairs and save your business money on carpet replacement.

When your carpet has a serious stain that can’t be removed, or an unsightly hole, then we will use carpet patching to fix it. We do this by cutting out the damaged piece and then using an extra piece of carpet and install it where the damaged piece was. We have special tools that allow us to do so without you noticing where the section was. If you don’t have extra pieces of carpet, we can use a section from a place you won’t know is missing, like the back of a closet.

Having new tile, linoleum or wood floors installed can leave behind problems where they meet the carpet. There needs to be a seamless transition between the two and when this isn’t done correctly, it can leave behind an area that is not only unsightly but can also cause trips and falls. If your floor installer did not have the right tools to make this happen, call Rug Busters of Grants Pass and we are standing by to handle the job.

With new technology and techniques, at Rug Busters in Ashland, we can repair just about any damage you may have. Some of the most common carpet repairs we have worked on are carpet stretching, carpet patching, snags and runs, repairing where the carpet meets wood or linoleum floors and water damage. We can work on all places that your carpet is installed, from your home to your office!

Anytime there is water in your home where it should not be, there can be significant water damage to your carpet. Water can quickly soak into the carpet, padding and sub-flooring and can cause odors and discoloration of your carpet. We are certified in water damage restoration for all different types of water damaged carpet. Being certified means that we have the skills and tools needed to do the job better than any others.