Upholstery Cleaning Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass Oregon

A deep cleaning your upholstery will ensure you have longer use of your furniture. There are several types of fabrics when it comes to upholstery, and each has a special way the cleaning needs to be taken care of. When you call Rug Busters Cleaning we will be able to explain the process involved for your particular piece and a no obligation estimate to make your upholstery cleaning job as easy as possible. We can clean any type of upholstery including the most delicate fabrics.

We specialize in handling any of the following type of furniture:

Sofas | Chairs | Armchairs | Recliners | Leather

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When Rug Busters comes to you, we will examine your upholstery and decide which method will be the best for your specific situation. We have experience and knowledge with all kinds of fabrics, including leather, and each requires a different technique and/or cleaning agent. Once we have decided all the tasks and how to approach them, Rug Busters of Medford will provide you with a cost estimate that does not hold you to any kind of obligation. It is our excellent customer service to evaluate and explain all that we can do for you and your upholstery. If you decide to go forth with a cleaning, then you understand what your investment is and all that’s left is for us to get to work! Our expert technicians will provide a deep cleaning to all your upholstery, removing stains, eliminating allergens and freshening odors, all at the same time. When we are done, you are left with furniture that is healthy and clean and looking brand new, sometimes completely transforming the look of the entire room. Because we have such a dedication to customer service, all of our work is guaranteed because we want you to be a satisfied customer each and every time you call Rug Busters.
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When your furniture has not been cleaned in a long time, there are months or years of dirt, allergens and odors trapped beneath the surface as well as on the surface where you can see. Using store bought cleaning agents will often just cover up the odors and can do significant damage to the upholstery by causing discoloration and bleaching of the fabric. Often the odors are made far worse by getting them moist again and reactivating the odors. In addition, covering up these odors means that you can now smell the old odor along with the new odor which can be quite unpleasant. When you use a store bough or rented machine to clean your upholstery, these can do the same kind of damage to the fabric and can even cause rips, tears or snags. Store bough chemicals and machines can not only be damaging to your fabrics, they can simply be ineffective at removing stains since they are not as powerful as the commercial grade products and equipment used by Rug Busters of Grants Pass.
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Going a long time without cleaning your upholstery will leave behind months or years of dirt, dust, odors, food and even waste from your pets behind. All of these leave your furniture not looking as new as it should, but also creates odors that no amount of air freshener will cover up. Using store bought cleaners or machines are often not strong enough to completely clean the upholstery, rather it just covers up the odors. Now the new odor is combining with the old odor and could be making a most unpleasant smell. Getting stains or severe odors wet will often reactivate the smell, causing it to become worse than it originally was. Store bought chemicals can also be far too strong for some types of fabric and may cause a discoloring or bleaching of your couch, chair or ottoman. These can also cause the fabric to weaken which can create tears or rips in the materials. At Rug Busters in Ashland, we only use the highest quality cleaning agents that are available to professional cleaners and we have the knowledge we need to safely clean all types of fabric and the equipment needed to do a good job every single time. If you have pets or children, we can also offer a stain resisting fabric spray that will repel future stains.
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