Avoiding Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Avoid These Carpet Cleaning Mistakes
Carpet StainDoes it take an expert to clean your home’s carpet? In most cases no, but there lots of people that do not understand the proper procedure. You may be wondering how a person can vacuum incorrectly or remove a stain wrong. The process is straightforward, so what else is there to say? As silly as it may seem, there is a big list of carpet cleaning no-no’s that too many homeowners commit on a daily basis.

For example, there is no quicker way to deal permanent damage to carpeting than by allowing a stain to sit idle. When any spill occurs, haste is the appropriate response. In addition to turning your gorgeous flooring an unsightly color, red wine and tomato sauces also damage carpet fibers due their acidic chemical composition. Something to keep in mind!

Never Clean Your Carpet like This
• You waited too long – while a rapid-fire response is not necessary, the sooner you clean a spill, the better. Every second that passes means the stain is soaking deeper and deeper into the threads. This can eventually get to the point where professional carpet cleaning or replacing the carpet altogether is needed.
• You did not pay attention the cleaner you used – carpet is a delicate material, and there plenty of abrasive products that can either destroy its fibers or turn it an ugly color shade. Since we know you do not want this to happen, know what you are using before putting it on the floor!
• You forgot to test a sample spot – a precautionary mindset can deter costly mistakes. Sample testing is something you should do regardless of what cleaning product you have. You will not know how your carpet will interact with the material until it has been applied, so spray a small, inconspicuous area first.
• You let your pride get in the way – not all stains can be cleaned with a scrub brush. There are times when hiring a pro is the better option. Your carpet is expensive; to maintain its value, pick up the phone when needed!
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