Can’t I Just Clean My Carpets Myself?

Many homeowners find that they get adequate results from a rented or store bought carpet cleaner. We understand that rentable and store bought carpet cleaners have increased their abilities to clean in recent years and can be great at getting out surface stains or overall dirt from your carpet. While these machines appear to work as well as a professional carpet cleaner, they are simply not as good at getting all of the dirt and allergens out of your carpet and can take far longer to get the job done, inconveniencing you for an entire weekend!

Using a less than professional grade carpet cleaner means that you are getting less than professional grade results. What this means to us is that you may very well notice a cleaner carpet because they are probably sufficient at getting out that stain from when Junior spilled his apple juice, but they will not be able to get the deep down dirt that you can also see and smell. In addition to the dirt and smells that the machine may leave behind, they are also not as good at removing allergens such as dust mites and pollen from your carpets. These are the main causes of allergy like symptoms in the home and are likely to cause asthma attacks on anyone susceptible.

Many of the store-bought or rented machines have the same suction power that your regular vacuum does. That, combined with the water and cleaner that you pour into the machine, can leave quite the mess that can take days to dry. You would probably find it inconvenient to have all of your furniture in the garage for a few days while your carpet dries! When you rely on the professionals for your carpet cleaning needs, the job is done in far less time, at a higher quality and you don’t even have to lift a finger!

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