Carpet Cleaning Myths Dismissed: Reasons Why Cleaning is Suitable for Carpets

Many people have reservations when it comes to having their carpets cleaned, and more often than 5486398_snot, these reservations can be attributed to the various myths that surround carpet cleaning. However, don’t let these myths deter you from having them cleaned. Below we’ll take a look at five carpet cleaning myths and provide explanations why they are indeed just that – myths.

Myth #1: Too Much Carpet Cleaning Ruins It

After vacuuming and cleaning the carpet, we often see tufts of fiber attached to the vacuum cleaner or cleaning equipment. Although it is true that they came from the carpet, it is not because the cleaning process plucked them out. Rather, these are fibers which came loose from normal wear and tear and got stuck in the carpet’s fibers or surface. In addition, it is not how often you clean the carpet that ruins it but rather the use of inappropriate cleaning materials used in the cleaning process.

Myth #2: Vacuuming the Carpet Regularly Is Enough

This is a big misconception, and one that can pose potential threat to you and your family’s health. As time goes by, carpets accumulate dust and dirt, some of which are too small to be seen by the naked eye. When you vacuum the carpet, you are only getting the loose dirt and debris out, but leaving behind the smaller particles that stuck to the bottom of the carpet fibers. The only way to thoroughly clean the carpet and get rid of these is through carpet cleaning processes like steam cleaning.

Myth #3: Carpet Cleaning Shrinks the Carpet

Shrinking is caused by improperly drying the carpet, and not by the cleaning process. When carpet fibers are left wet for a long time, they tend to become brittle and break easily as they dry, and even shrink like clothes washed in the wrong water temperature. Thus, carpets should be dried thoroughly after cleaning in order to prevent this problem.

Regular carpet cleaning is very important. It makes sure that your carpet is not only neat and clean but also safe for you and your family.

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