Damage Control: Protecting Your Carpet this Winter

Protect your carpet

winter carpet careProtecting your carpet is an all year round project, and one that you should not neglect especially during the winter season. This is mainly because this is one of those times of year when your carpets get the most beating, usually from stains that come from spills like Kool Aid, red wine, or barbeque sauce, or even the heavy foot traffic courtesy of your guests and visitors. Not to mention of course the wet snow and mud from outside that you and they usually bring. Thus, in order to make sure that your carpets are well-taken cared of this season, and ready for the coming year, you’ll have to implement some preventive measures.

When it comes to winter carpet care and maintenance, the first thing you need to do is to have your carpet thoroughly cleaned, to remove all the dirt and debris that got stuck there in the past months. Vacuuming is not often enough, since this can only get the loose dirt and debris and not those embedded deep into the carpet fibers, which is why deep cleaning is recommended. Stain removal is also needed if any.

After getting the carpet cleaned, it is important to have some matting in place. This will help to at least reduce the damage from stains and leave your carpet looking cleaner for longer. On the same note, matting also helps to capture the dirt and water that may come in from the various entry points in the house. With proper matting and strategic placement, you can minimize the entry of snow, water, salt, sands, soils and other dirt and debris.

Having your carpet thoroughly cleaned and applying matting are just the first few phases of winter carpet care, because after all these, you need to make sure that you have a regular maintenance routine to help maintain your carpet’s fresh new look. Don’t forget to vacuum at least once a week, or whenever it is needed. Also, it is best to have some spot cleaners at hand in case accidents happen.

Applying all the tips above will make sure that you do not only have a clean and fresh looking carpet to greet your visitors and guest, but also that your carpet will sustain lesser dirt and damage through this busy time of the year.

Maintenance is usually the carpet owner’s responsibility. However, for deep cleaning and matting application, it is best to leave it to a professional carpet cleaning and care company.

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