Do Different Kinds of Carpet Need Different Kinds of Vacuum Cleaners?

19079602_sIn a word – yes. You took the time to choose the kind of carpet you wanted, you should take the time to get the right vacuum cleaner for it! Treat your carpet right and it will definitely look beautiful for years longer: What to know about vacuum cleaners and your carpet:
• High pile, wool, wool-blend, and premium soft carpets: avoid vacuum cleaners with beater bars and brushes, use vacuum cleaners with suction only, and adjust the height to the highest setting. Also, get a vacuum cleaner with wide, large wheels.
• Thick loop, frieze, or long “shag” style carpet: adjust the height to the highest setting; if the beater bar is catching the loops, you may need to disengage it and use suction only/
• All other carpets: use a vacuum that has a rotating brush and/or beater bar. Make sure to change the bag/empty the canister often.

A good rule to use when purchasing a vacuum is to get one that has a variety of heights that can be adjusted, as well as a beater bar or brush that can be disengaged. If you have wool or wool blend carpeting, it is advisable to get a vacuum cleaner with the strongest suction possible, as this kind of carpet should not be brushed to get dirt out.

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