Gum On Carpet: How To Get Rid of This Sticky Snack

Say goodbye to that gum mess

gum on carpetThe only thing worse than gum stuck in hair is when it gets lodged in your carpet. Though all hope is lost for children and some otherwise careless adults who have suffered the unfortunate experience (most of us have a childhood memory of a parent hacking away with scissors at our hair), there is still hope for your floors.

You may be tempted to grab a pair of shears and cut the damaged part out, but do not be so quick to do so. Granted this is an easy solution to a stressful situation, you probably are not going to enjoy the aftermath!

There are a few things every parent should know, and one of which is relying on household resources. The most effective gum-removal tool can actually be found in your freezer. Gum is only sticky when malleable, which is why you will not fare any better than with a few ice cubes. Simply place them on the affected site and wait 15-20 minutes. The gum will soon become hard and brittle, and thus much easier to work with. A few scrapes with a butter knife should do the trick; no matter how sticky the gum is (sugar-free types tend to pose less of a threat).

The gum-cleaning options are endless….well sort of

For all of you homeowners who want to be prepared for the worst, there are plenty of other materials that work well against gum. It may seem contradictory, but the oil in peanut butter makes this food a formidable foe; apply a teaspoon or so to the carpet then remove both with a damp washcloth. This will make the area messier, but peanut butter is far easier to clean than gum anyways.

Pure olive and vegetable oil will have the same effect, but can stain the surface. If you plan on using one of these products, be sure to have a vacuum on hand; suck the carpet immediately after application.

Vinegar is yet another useful alternative, one that doubles as a hardwood and vinyl floor cleaner/sanitizer as well! Soak the gum in a tablespoon of vinegar and remove with a putty knife. Whichever material you end up choosing, always remember to test a sample area of the carpet first. The last thing you need is a permanent stain that could have been avoided.

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