Have Old Stains on Your Carpet or Upholstery? Try This!

3343833_sIf you have an old, old stain on your carpet or upholstery that’s been driving you crazy for years, here’s a simple homemade trick for getting out tough stains that you may not have heard of yet! Start by mixing equal parts of ammonia and either clear or yellow Windex with hot water. Gently pour this solution over the stained area until the carpet or upholstery is saturated. Next, take a clean white towel and lay it over the stain, and iron over it with an iron set to low, being careful not to press too hard or use too much heat. Lift the towel and blot; be careful not to rub or scrub. If you still see the stain, repeat this process until it has disappeared, being sure to use clean towels each time. As always, you may want to pre-test your carpet or upholstery fabric first to make sure the solution will not lift color, but this is one trick that – well – should do the trick!

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