CONGRATULATIONS! Your New Puppy is Finally Housebroken!

8017280_sOur furry friends are important members of the family, but let’s face it, depending on what kind of puppy you have, it can take from four to eight months to train your puppy to “go” outside. In the meantime, all you can do is suffer through months of spot cleaning your carpets as best you can. But once your puppy is trained, then it truly is time to bring in a professional rug cleaner!


Because if you try the DIY approach in this particular area by renting a rug cleaning machine it will usually just make the odors worse, plus – the stains and smell won’t be adequately removed anyway, just covered over with a perfumed smell. A professional carpet cleaner has the techniques, equipment, and materials to make sure that your carpets are just as clean – or even cleaner – than they were before you brought your puppy home for the first time!

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