I Have a Lot of Pets and a Couple Of Kids. What Kind of Carpet Should I Get?

5909783_s• Question: I breed, raise, train and show Great Danes. We have two Great Danes now, plus three other mutts and a couple of cats. Oh. And a couple of kids. I should probably have concrete floors, but I really like carpet and it’s so much more comfortable. Plus, it’s actually better and safer for animals to have carpet; they don’t slip on it, plus they spend a lot of their time lying around on the floor anyway. Is there any hope for me?
• Answer: That’s a lot of four-legged foot traffic you have there. Not to worry, the carpeting industry has heard your cry for help. There are actually carpets specifically designed for heavy-duty pet owners now. There’s a new carpeting material on the market that’s made of recycled plastic bottles. It’s soft, strong, and stain-resistant, which is a great combination for a home with so many feet. It has a kind of patented continuous fiber filament that wears exceptionally well while retaining an excellent appearance. Couple this with a moisture barrier carpet pad, and you’ll have a pretty tough floor!

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