I Have Allergies – What’s the Best Kind of Carpet to Get?

21896022_s• Question: I have pretty severe allergies, and it’s time to replace the carpet in my house. I know it’s best for someone with allergies not to have carpet in the house, but it’s so comfortable, both for me, and the rest of my family. Is there any kind of carpet that’s advisable for someone with allergies?
• Answer: First suggestion would be to go low with carpet fiber height; the shorter the pile the less there is to pick up allergens, the easier it is to clean, and less fiber is torn off to float around the air every time you vacuum. A thin Berber carpet is a good choice because it wears well. Also, look on the back of the carpeting samples when you go carpet shopping; they now list information about the safety of the carpeting which is more important than people realize. Look for a low “VOC” rating, or labeling that the carpet fibers are “green.” VOC stands for “volatile organic compounds;” these compounds are chemicals that the carpeting is manufactured with or made out of, and they “throw off” fumes when carpeting is installed, and may cause further irritation for people with severe allergies and/or asthma.

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