Inexpensive Solution to Pet Hair on Carpets and Upholstery!

23180666_sWe love our pets, and our pets have fur, thus – hair on carpeting and furniture has been an ongoing struggle for pet owners since the invention of rugs! Here is a new, tried and true solution that you may never have heard of!
· First, make a solution of water, fabric softener, baking soda, vinegar, and water and put it in a spray bottle. (you might want to pre-test this on certain upholstery fabrics first!) Before vacuuming, lightly mist your carpet and/or your upholstery, and let it dry. This mixture will soften the sticky hair so that it’s easier to catch.
· Second, invest in a large window squeegee. (yes, a window squeegee!) If you’re primarily dealing with carpet, there are squeegees that come attached to long handles that you can use like a rake. Pull the squeegee in a single motion towards yourself across the carpet or furniture. The pet hair will actually clump together to form piles that you can easily pick up and remove before vacuuming. Once you’ve “raked up” the pet hair with the squeegee, the softener solution will allow your vacuum to do a better job on the hair that remains!

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