Keeping Upholstery Clean in the Wintertime!

4628853_sIn the winter, between the dirty overcoats, the wet shoes, the snowy mittens, and the muddy boots – a whole lot of the outside world is coming inside your home! Plus, because everybody spends more time indoors as well, there are just more bodies sitting all over your furniture for longer. And if you have a dog or two, well – dogs must go out, there’s no help for it, and they like to sit on furniture just as much as your family does. Carpets certainly take a beating in the winter, but your upholstered furniture does too, so it’s good to have a battle plan for both your floor and your furniture between your regular, professional cleanings. Some stay-ahead-of-the-game tips:
• Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! Vacuum your floors and your upholstered furniture more often than you do in the summer. Make sure that you use the soft vacuum brush attachment on your upholstered pieces. Vacuuming more often will help minimize the incoming dirt that will get ground into your furniture and carpet if you let it sit there.
• Be prepared and act fast! The faster you can get to a stain the better chance you have of removing it. Keep oil free baby wipes or sanitary wipes by the door, and scattered around the house – particularly close to your most vulnerable pieces of furniture. Wipes are great for getting up stains quickly; they combine just the right amount of water and soap – and it evaporates quickly!
• Corral muddy clothing and shoes! Make a special shoe and outerwear area next to the door where your family can hang clothing, leave mittens and scarves, and take off shoes. The more you can keep wet and mud contained, the better off your furniture will be.
• Pets are people too! And just like people, they forget that they’re muddy. Keep a towel by the door to give your dogs a twice over when they come in from outside. There are also doggy sanitary wipes that are just like human sanitary wipes, and those can take dirt off the fur of your furry friends more effectively.
If the over-all grubbiness of your furniture is driving you crazy by January, you can try cleaning it yourself – but only if you know it’s made from a synthetic fabric like polyester, nylon, or acrylic. If you’re unsure, or the upholstery has some percentage of cotton in it, don’t risk it. Wait until spring and have Rug Busters take care of your furniture when you have your carpets cleaned!

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