Q: True or False: I Can Use Sprinkle-on Carpet Deodorizer to Keep My Carpet Fresh.”

16437304_sA: False!
They sound so innocent, and seems like such a good idea, but powdered carpet “fresheners” are truly a disaster for carpets! All of the powdered carpet deodorizers contain talcum powder, and talcum powder doesn’t dissolve in water. If you use the powder even a few times, it will accumulate and become embedded in your carpet fibers, so no matter how many times you vacuum – it just never comes out completely. This means that the next time you bring in a rented carpet cleaner, fill it with water, and start on your carpet, the water will mix with the talcum powder and just dry in very obvious white stains on top of your carpet. If you want your carpet to smell really fresh – get it professionally cleaned!

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