Tips on how to clean area rugs

Area Rug Cleaning Tips

Area Rug CleaningArea rugs are great additions to any living space. They work well for setting coffee tables and acting as decorative, accent pieces. If your living or family room has hardwood floors and you want to protect them from scratches caused by heavy furniture, an area rug is an excellent investment. Keeping the rug clean is easy and is required on a routine basis.
The accumulation of dirt and dust can aggravate health conditions such as asthma, not to mention it is downright disgusting. Lightweight rugs can sometimes be a nuisance to vacuum, as the suction can cause the entire piece to crumple up. Unlike carpet flooring, area rugs are portable and thus more difficult to maintain.

Keeping Your Area Rug in Perfect Shape
• Vacuum first before anything else – depending on the amount of debris that has accumulated on the rug as well as how long it has been since you last cleaned it, vacuuming right away is recommended. Many people bust out carpet cleaning equipment too soon, but this only causes more of a mess and prevents the chemicals from adequately penetrating the fibers. Vacuums work well on all surfaces, but you can also use a broom or a handheld brush to get the job done.
• Use the right product – there are tons of rug cleaning products on the market, some of which work a lot better than others. Find one that cleans thoroughly and that does not leave residue on the rug afterwards. A bucket of warm water and soap is always a solid option if you would rather not purchase commercial cleaners or wish to go the eco-friendly route.
• Stain removal with shaving cream – this is a trick plenty of homeowners do not know about, and it works wonders for removing all types of stains, especially tough ones like sauce and red wine. Apply a liberal amount of cream with the shaving brush and blot the surface with a wet rag.
• Flour and white vinegar – isn’t it funny how some of the top cleaning products are homemade ones? Flour is the go-to choice for grease spills; it works to absorb the material and transfers it away from the rug. Vinegar performs a cleaning and sanitizing action, making it great for killing germs and bacteria, too.
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