Upholstery Cleaning is 50% Technical Knowledge and 50% Art!

7361245_sWhile the techniques used to clean most carpets are similar, when it comes to cleaning upholstery, it’s a whole different ball game, so to speak. There are an incredible variety of fabrics and patterns out there that go into the textiles that cover your furniture, and you need a skilled technician with the kind of training it takes to recognize and understand what materials they may be dealing with. A general rule is that – the more expensive a piece of furniture is – the more difficult it will be to clean because the fabric used in upscale furnishings tends to be more exotic. But beyond the technical end of simply knowing what kind of fabric it is, what chemicals to use, and what method is best to clean your piece, there’s also sheer art involved in cleaning fine upholstery. Your sofa will tend to wear more in certain places, and when fabric wears, it also oxidizes, which will cause the fabric to look “different” in that area. An upholstery expert will take these considerations into account when they work with your valuable furnishings; sometimes they will clean those worn areas more lightly or with a different technique, and clean the unworn areas in such a way that the end result is a more “even” and pleasing appearance. The “art” of upholstery cleaning is knowing what kind of end result can be achieved. In fact, we may even recommend that you simply vacuum your furniture rather than clean it, because we know that cleaning it will make it look far worse! We’d rather lose money than ruin your furniture!

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