Why Is It Important To Deep Clean My Carpet?

Regularly deep cleaning carpets helps to keep them looking newer, longer. Dirt is gritty, and over time it can be ground into the carpet backing and fibers, which degrades the color and breaks down the fibers. The result is that … Continued

What Kind of Carpet is the Best?

Dogs, Cats, Kids & Heavy Traffic – HELP! What Kind of Carpet is the Best? If you have a family that includes multiple four-legged and two-legged beings traveling through your home like its an indoor race track, you need a … Continued

A Few Old Fashioned Carpet Cleaning Tips

While having your carpets professionally cleaned is always the best option, there are a number of old fashioned methods of taking care of small carpet stain issues that were around long before there was “professional carpet cleaning!” Have a “smelly” … Continued