Help! My Carpet Is Buckling! What Can I Do?

A buckling carpet is never a good thing. A number of things will cause your carpet to buckle, causing unsightly ridges, lumps and bulges in your floor: • improper installation – if your carpet is not installed properly and professionally … Continued

Are There Actually Different Types of Carpet Padding?

• Question: I never realized carpet padding was that important. What kind should I look for? • Answer: The general rule of thumb when it comes to carpet padding is: buy the best quality you can afford. The carpet padding … Continued

For The Diehard DIY – Carpet Cleaning Tips

If you’re going to do your carpets yourself, it’s a good idea to send your family away for much of the day, and keep your pets outside. It’s also a good idea to pick a sunny, dry day to clean … Continued

What Does “Wet Cleaning” My Carpet Mean?

For years, cleaning your carpet has meant “shampooing” your carpet, and it actually is somewhat similar to shampooing your hair. Rug shampoo and hot water are scrubbed into the carpet with a rug-cleaning machine, which agitates the fibers, working the … Continued

What Does “Dry Cleaning” My Carpet Mean?

There are two kinds of carpet cleaning methods, dry cleaning and wet cleaning, and each have pro’s and con’s, as well as reasons why one or the other may be the best choice in certain situations. Whether you hire a … Continued