Homemade Cleaning Solutions for Hard Floors!

We seem to forget that one of the best solutions for most cleaning dilemmas has been around since the beginning of time – water! That’s right, just plain, old, everyday water has always been a great cleaner for just about … Continued

Keeping Upholstery Clean in the Wintertime!

In the winter, between the dirty overcoats, the wet shoes, the snowy mittens, and the muddy boots – a whole lot of the outside world is coming inside your home! Plus, because everybody spends more time indoors as well, there … Continued

Hard Candy In Your Carpet? Ask the Carpet Pro!

Hard candy does not play well with carpets! Especially when they’ve been inside a little person’s mouth for long enough to dissolve half-way, and then – whoops – who knows how it got there on your carpet?! Hard candies seem … Continued