Carpet Cleaning Products to Have on Hand this Winter

Household carpet cleaning products So you just had your carpet cleaned, eh? Getting ready to greet your guests and visitors this coming holidays, eh? Well, after having your carpet serviced, you of course need to make sure that they stay … Continued

Damage Control: Protecting Your Carpet this Winter

Protect your carpet Protecting your carpet is an all year round project, and one that you should not neglect especially during the winter season. This is mainly because this is one of those times of year when your carpets get … Continued

What Type of Vacuum should You Use on Your Carpet?

Vacuum styles Vacuums come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Generally though, they can all be categorized under four main types. Here is an outline of those four, along with their pros and cons and some recommendations as to … Continued

The Pros and Cons of Having Carpets Cleaned

Having the carpet cleaned is not really much of a concern for many households, especially if their carpet is newly installed in the previous year. However, it is an important aspect of good housekeeping, and one that should not be … Continued

Avoiding Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Avoid These Carpet Cleaning Mistakes Does it take an expert to clean your home’s carpet? In most cases no, but there lots of people that do not understand the proper procedure. You may be wondering how a person can vacuum … Continued

Homemade Cleaning Solutions for Hard Floors!

We seem to forget that one of the best solutions for most cleaning dilemmas has been around since the beginning of time – water! That’s right, just plain, old, everyday water has always been a great cleaner for just about … Continued

Keeping Upholstery Clean in the Wintertime!

In the winter, between the dirty overcoats, the wet shoes, the snowy mittens, and the muddy boots – a whole lot of the outside world is coming inside your home! Plus, because everybody spends more time indoors as well, there … Continued