Avoiding Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Avoid These Carpet Cleaning Mistakes Does it take an expert to clean your home’s carpet? In most cases no, but there lots of people that do not understand the proper procedure. You may be wondering how a person can vacuum … Continued

Tips on how to clean area rugs

Area Rug Cleaning Tips Area rugs are great additions to any living space. They work well for setting coffee tables and acting as decorative, accent pieces. If your living or family room has hardwood floors and you want to protect … Continued

Gum On Carpet: How To Get Rid of This Sticky Snack

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Pulling Paint From Carpet

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Homemade Cleaning Solutions for Hard Floors!

We seem to forget that one of the best solutions for most cleaning dilemmas has been around since the beginning of time – water! That’s right, just plain, old, everyday water has always been a great cleaner for just about … Continued

Keeping Upholstery Clean in the Wintertime!

In the winter, between the dirty overcoats, the wet shoes, the snowy mittens, and the muddy boots – a whole lot of the outside world is coming inside your home! Plus, because everybody spends more time indoors as well, there … Continued

Hard Candy In Your Carpet? Ask the Carpet Pro!

Hard candy does not play well with carpets! Especially when they’ve been inside a little person’s mouth for long enough to dissolve half-way, and then – whoops – who knows how it got there on your carpet?! Hard candies seem … Continued